Imaginary beings 2 - for Tadashi Tajima and Tosiya Suzuki (2020) 

for shakuhachi (in D) and tenor recorder 13'

as if the wind is seeking itself 吹萬不同 (2018)

for tenor recorder and bass flute 13'

Motet - illegal content 2.2018 (2018)

for 3 voices (tenor, baritone and bass) 6'

Staring (into the everchanging blue) (2018)

for bass flute, oboe, bass clarinet, string quartet and piano 9'

of no shore 無涯 (2018)

for violin, bass flute, bass clarinet and percussion >7'

Some Nights Across the Universe (2017) 

for string quartet, electric guitar and narrator 30'

The fin de siècle Songs 世紀末之歌 (2017)

for choir, solo voices and large ensemble 23'

Sonata / dissipated in silence 奏鳴/消散於無聲 (2016/2017) 

for sheng, guzheng, violin, double bass and percussion 13'

From All These Isles (2017) 

for string quartet 15'

Lachrymae 樹猶如此 (2016)

for flute (& piccolo), clarinet, violin, cello, piano and vibraphone 9'

Evensongs 晚禱時光 (2015)

for harmonica and piano 6'

will the voice remain the same? (2015/2017)

for flute, tenor saxophone, piano and percussion 8'

The Stars Shall Not Sing (2015) 

for saxophone nonet 10'

Here the World Expires (2012/2015) 

for violin, viola and flute 6'

L'Impression - Hommage à Debussy (2010-2011)

for string quartet 18'



Imaginary beings 1 - for Jeanne-Marie Conquer (2020) 

for violin 15'

Beside Poetry 詩餘 (2012)  

for piano 11'

Still Life (2009)

for piano 14'